Swim Lessons

If you’re like most triathletes, your bikes and runs are solid, but you could use a little help on the swim.

We provide one on one lessons with an emphasis on stroke correction and improved efficiency.

Learn the skills and strategy of a national champion who always finishes in the top 3 out of the water in both the USAT Age Group Olympic and Sprint National Championships as well as the ITU World Championships.

Combining expert instruction and the latest in video technology, you receive the highest level of swim analysis.  We use the state of the art GO PRO camera and  film your stroke from both above and below the surface of the water. This allows us to get a complete view of your swimming from every important angle.

In this way, we can provide comprehensive stroke correction immediately focusing on any individual weaknesses and providing instant drills designed to correct your issues.

After the session, you will be given a copy of the high quality videos and a written analysis detailing areas to work on tailored to your individual needs.

This type of videotaping, combined with our expert coaching, is the most effective way to get faster.


Individual lesson:

  • $100.00/hour (written analysis) 
  •  $150.00/hour (written & video analysis)  

2 athletes:   

  • $150.00/hour (written analysis)                                                                 
  • $200.00/hour (written & video analysis)     

We also offer complete video Run Gait Analysis and one on one Bike Training.