Are you tired of the “group” training plans, the “one size fits all” programs, which are not specifically designed for YOU?  We are too!

We believe in personalized training based on YOUR unique abilities and goals. Training the individual is the fastest way to improve.

Each swim, bike and run workout is tailored so that you are consistently challenged to achieve your best results and includes:

  • Daily detailed description of each workout (swim/bike/run)
  • Goal of workout (pace, power, heart rate, cadence)
  • Purpose of workout (strength, endurance, speed, recovery)
  • Distance and time to be covered in the workout
  • Periodization and progression of workouts
  • Nutritional advice
  • Injury prevention
  • Taper plan
  • Focus on race goals
  • Race day strategy
  • Race day nutrition
  • Review of any data files
  • Feedback via email and/or telephone regarding individual workouts

INDIVIDUAL TRAINING PROGRAMS FEES:  $280.00 / 4 weekly programs

What’s your distance?  Sprint? Olympic? Half or Full Ironman?

Send me an email atkerry@teamorlandotri.comand I will send you a FREE sample weekly training program for your distance.