Flawless running technique

By Gary Barber, edited by Kerry Simmons

A triathlete’s stride is critical to his or her running performance. Some athletes have a stride that eases across the ground with grace and composure while others appear to strain with every step. However, if each component of the running action is carefully analyzed and developed, even the most ungainly runners can find improvement.

Stride components

The stride consists of two parts: the stance phase, where the leg is in contact with the ground, and the flight phase, where the leg moves through the air and prepares for contact with the ground and the next stride. Continue reading


By Yishane Lee, edited by Kerry Simmons

Protect your ticker by choosing healthy fats, fiber, and vitamin-rich foods.

As a health-conscious athlete, you consistently log your weekly mileage, take the stairs when you can, and forgo the side of bacon more often than not. Even so, your healthy habits don’t guarantee immunity from the nation’s top killer. Heart disease and related conditions, including stroke and heart attack, cause 40 percent of American deaths. That’s more than all cancers combined. Continue reading

Spin drills replace depositions

Point Lookout attorney closes law books to train triathletes


Kerry Simmons grew tired of figuratively banging her head against the wall as a civil defense attorney. So now her energetic voice bounces off the walls of the Hofstra swim center, where she trains triathletes full-time.

With stopwatch in hand, in sneakers and an oversized T-shirt, Simmons trotted back and forth along the length of the pool on a recent Tuesday evening, instructing and encouraging 13 triathletes in the water below her. Simmons directed the mix of men and woman to swim at full speed while crowded together, to simulate the chaotic start of a triathlon.

“Ready, go!” she yelled repeatedly, and as her charges churned through the water, she counted the seconds aloud: “… 34, 35, 36, 37…”

Continue reading

5 Tips for Resuming Training after the Holidays

by Coach Mike Ricci, edited by Kerry Simmons

With the holiday season upon us, we can begin to focus on the 2014 training/race season. Many athletes jump into training during the winter without really having a road map of where they want to go. I have listed some easy to remember tips that will help you get back on track and set yourself up for a good race season this year. Continue reading