KERRY SIMMONS TRI welcomes athletes of all levels and abilities from beginners to elites, sprint triathletes to Ironmen, first time finishers to podium winners. 

We are committed to providing the highest quality of multisport coaching and personal care to help you achieve your goals.


Do you dream of:

  • Winning an age group award?
  • Qualifying for a world championship?
  • Simply finishing your first triathlon?

Realize your potential for greatness with KERRY SIMMONS TRI.

No other triathlon team in Central Florida has two coaches with such an impressive record of local, national and international experience including numerous age group wins, podium finishes and overall victories.

We know first hand what it takes to achieve great results for ourselves and our athletes.

Through our experience, passion and enthusiasm, we’ve coached hundreds of athletes to success.

We’ve shared the pride of first time triathletes reaching goals they thought impossible.

We’ve known the joy of Ironman finishers realizing the accomplishment of a lifetime.

Go further, get faster & see what you can achieve with KERRY SIMMONS TRI.

Now with new underwater swim video technology and stroke correction analysis!